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MACV-SOG HALO Teams 1970 -1971

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MACV-SOG Equipment:

Individual Equipment
Team Equipment
Personal Gear
Original MACV-SOG Gear

Australian SASR
Seal Team 1

Individual Equipment




A SOG RT Team members individual equipment was just that, individual! This is a composite example of a typical team load-out.

The basis of this load-out is a STABO harness; Developed at the MACV Recondo School in Vietnam, The STABO rig was a machine stitched harness similar to a parachute harness and was quite expensive and time consuming to manufacture. The harness was made of similar nylon material as the A7A strap, and was worn in the field as load bearing equipment (LBE) until it was needed for a rope extraction. STABO harnesses were made in small, medium, and large sizes.

To ready a STABO harness for rope extraction, two leg straps were brought from the back of the harness up between the legs and snapped into D rings mounted in the front of the harness. A standard issue pistol belt laced through the center of the rig was buckled tightly around the waist of the wearer, a chest strap was fastened across the chest, and two snaps at the top of the harness would snap into two D rings attached to the rope dropped from the helicopter.

Equipped with a standard pistol belt, the harness was also designed in part to replace the M1956 / M1967 Load Carrying Suspenders. These pictures show the manual for the STABO Extraction System.

On the M56 belt with Davies fastener (from left to right) are an M1956 Canteen cover used to carry 3 30rd M16 magazines, an M1956 universal pouch (containing 4 V40 mini-grenades and 4 mini-smokes) a M67 Grenade, M1967 water bottle pouch (note steri tabs taped to bottle)12ft of rope and a snap-link followed by another M1967 canteen pouch. We then have M1956 universal pouch (containing M14 Toepopper mines and some "Soap Dish" AK47 rounds) and 2 M67 grenades and a M1956 canteen cover holding 6 20 rd M16 magazines follwed by another M1956 canteen cover holding 6 20 rd M16 magazines.

On the Suspenders (from left to right) we have an XM28 Gas Mask, Strobe Light and Pouch and then a repro SOG Bowie. And on the right we have a m1956 First aid pouch and an XM28 Mini-CS gas grenade. You can also see some Shoulder Pads made for me by Alex Broumand.

WW2 BAR belts were also used due to their high ammunition carrying capacity, you can see my modified example here.