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RT Iowa: The Golfcourse, Southern Laos, 1969
Bunker Bash 2010 Photo-shoot


To the northeast of Dak To, just across the border and not too far from the forbidden reaches of southern Laos, was the the wide-open, grassy plain nicknamed the Golfcourse. Right through the middle of this area ran a pathway that was part of the Ho Chi Minh trail, with NVA troops walking openly through the day on the way south through the Central Highlands.

In late 1960 RT Iowa were sent in on a road-watch mission, and set up on a point just on the edge of the woodline. The team consisted of One-Zero Phil rice, One-One Ray Harris, One-Two Tom Lois and their Montagnard team members. The team were also tasked with planting newly developed radio-operated vibration sensors, which later proved to be too sensitive. The trail was quiet or two days and then on the third day one of the team spotted a lone NVA trooper heading south past their position. They tried to capture him but failed when the shot went to high and he died.

These photos were taken at Bunker Bash in Essex, our first Living History show of the 2010 season.

RT Iowa Team Preperation

RT Iowa Road-watch Mission: The Golfcourse

RT Iowa Road-watch Mission: Radio Check

RT Iowa Road-watch Mission: Olympus Trip 35